Student Music


Drawing on his experience as a music teacher, Peter has composed music for piano students of all ages and levels. His music has been published by Alfred and Alberta Keys, and is available through fine music stores everywhere. He also has self-published music available through his website.

You will find a great variety of styles, levels, technical and musical challenges, enough to suit any student. The styles range from Baroque to Contemporary to Jazz and Blues. Technical challenges range from a little ragtime for beginners to an arrangement of Good King Wenceslas for two pianos in the style of Bartok’s Piano Sonata, 3rd movement.  You can listen to excerpts of the music listed below on the Music Compositions page.

Any music (except when published by another publisher) may be ordered directly through Peter Jancewicz and will be delivered via e-mail as a PDF file.

Elementary (RCM Grades 0-3) – PDF

Intermediate (RCM Grades 4-7) – PDF

Advanced (RCM Grades 8-ARCT) – PDF

Christmas (All levels) – PDF

Film Music (RCM Grades 7-8) – PDF

If you have any inquires regarding the interpretation of the music, please contact Peter Jancewicz.


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