Jancewicz_pianoconcert_optPlaying the piano comes from a place of stillness. The pianist’s mind quiets, and from the silence, music flows, as easy and natural as breathing.

The piano itself is a marvelous instrument, a miraculous blend of art and technology. It has the possibility of playing a single melody with exquisitely beautiful tone, and it has the capability of producing the sound and colours of an entire symphony orchestra.

A pianist is like the conductor of an orchestra, maintaining artistic control over an astonishing number of musical elements. Melody, harmony, counterpoint, rhythm, colour, phrasing, pedal, articulation, all stem from the imagination of the composer and flow through the pianist, who brings these elements into focus and combines them into beautiful, expressive sound.

The repertoire composed for piano is staggering in both its quality and its quantity. Almost every great composer wrote piano masterpieces, and wonderful music can be found for pianists of every age and level. I am very fortunate to be able to center my musical life around this magnificent instrument, playing it, composing for it, and teaching other people how to enjoy playing it.


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